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[ The Partisan Seed = Filipe Miranda ]

Insomnia’ is the title of the fifth The Partisan Seed album. After a more solar turn with the previous album, the musician is now back to more obscure walks, materialized in an instrumentally simple and lirically darker piece. As usual, this album is a (almost) biographical summary, that this time led to a dip in an inner world, captured in sound, audible between light and shadow.
The album is released on April 7, 2017 and has the participation of Helena Resurreição (vocals) and Fátima Abreu Ferreira (photography). Recorded between Caminha, Esposende and Barcelona. Mixed by Marco Lima and Filipe Miranda at Hertzcontrol Studio and Casa del Sol.

: Filipe Miranda released his first EP, ‘Did a Gun Give You a Name?’, as The Partisan Seed / 2006: Participated in the ‘Input.Output’ and ‘Acorda!’ compilations. // First album, ‘Visions Of Solitary Branches’. Released by Transporte, in December / 2007: Participated in the ‘#001’ compilation. // Started recording songs for the second album / 2008: Release of EP ‘Judy (somewhere) ‘. // End of Live Visions Tour. //  Release of ‘Ofelia (again)’ single. // Second album ‘Indian Summer’. Released by Transporte, in November. // Indian Summer Tour. / 2009: Antena 3 recording session. // End of Indian Summer tour. / 2010: Reissue with ‘Clay for the Working Hands’. // Working Hands tour. / 2011: The Partisan Seed – Songbook’. // Release of  ‘Our Last Spring?’ single. // End of Working Hands tour. / 2012: SpiritWalking tour. // Release of  untitled EP. // Release of ‘SpiritWalking’. / 2013: SpiritWalking tour and recordings. End of tour. / 2014: Recordings for the fourth album. // Release of ‘Ana (road to Santiago)’ single. // Release of ‘Angels On The Boardwalk’ and tour. // 2015: ‘Angels…’ tour. // Release of ‘Film’. // 2016: ‘Angels…’ tour. // 2017: Release of ‘And We’re Finally Here’ compilation. // 2017: Release of ‘Insomnia’ and tour

Collaborations > Lisete Santos, Pedro Oliveira, Nuno Fernandes, José Arantes, Nelson Coelho, Pedro Cabral, João Coutada, Jorge Reis-Sá, Francisco Trabulo, Álvaro Ramos, Mariano Dias, Gonçalo Machado, Valdemar Gonzalez, Joaquim Durães, Abel Hernández, Charity Carleton, Sérgio Mendes, Ricardo and Marta Falcão, Paulo Miranda, Bill Ennals, Ronaldo Fonseca, Pascal Baetens, Tiago Correia, Helena Ressurreição, Tiago Rosendo, Guilherme Bogas, Paul Bond, Óscar Sousa, Patrícia Pinto, Marco Lima, Fátima Abreu Ferreira

Filipe Miranda