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April 7 is the release date of the new album, titled “Insomnia”.
First tour dates confirmed, more to be announced > see dates

Recording a new album.

New release: a CD/mp3 edition with the latest sold out albums. It’s titled ‘And We’re Finally Here’ and is now available via online store and gigs. Also, there’s a CD bundle with all mp3 collection > view store

Old News

The year ends with a concert at Casa da Música, Porto.

Taking a break from concerts.

‘Film’ CD sold out. Now available at digital platforms > iTunes

Coming close to the end of the Angels tour, with a special concert at Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Portugal) with full live band > see dates

Release of ‘Film’, music for cinematographic moments. Limited edition available (concerts’ merch and online store). > view store
The years ends with a one day marathon of gigs at Vigo > see dates

New video for ‘Diazapam H13’. Performance by Libby Ward, directed by Mário J. Negrão > see video

Live shows for this year added to calendar. Portugal and Spain > see dates
Meanwhile, a new digifile edition of ‘Angels On The Boardwalk’ with a new CD label design will be available at the online store > view store

The paper edition of “The Partisan Seed – Songbook” (2011) is no longer available for order and purchase. There’s a fac simile pdf file that you can download for free. Enjoy > download

The Netherlands tour was cancelled, but there’s solo shows in Belgium. > see dates
‘Angels On The Boardwalk’ digifile edition now sold out, but some copies are still available at dutch Mass Market. There’s a new paper sleeve edition with vinyl look. You can check it out over at the TPS online store. > view store

‘Angels On The Boardwalk’ is out and the band is playing live! The digital album is available through usual worldwide distribution and the physical edition via TPS online store. > view store

‘Angels On The Boardwalk’ is the title of The Partisan Seed’s fourth studio album (release: 17th of May 2014). A new single is available: ‘Ana (road to Santiago)’ > download / video

First tour dates confirmed > see dates

The latest albums are now available at iTunes and Amazon. The first one (sold out), you can download it at Bandcamp.

Here at the website, you can watch a live performance of  ‘Portuguese Migration Song’ and an interview to the Songwriters Guild Channel (MirrorSessions, Netherlands). Also, there’s an interview shot earlier this year for VideoPick (Portugal). Follow the links > song / interviews.
Some photos are now available from the Netherlands-Belgium tour concerts.
Live dates: The Partisan Seed confirmed for Milhões de Festa Festival in July. This will be a full band gig, with special guest musicians on stage > info
First edition of ‘SpiritWalking’ sold out! You can still buy the digital edition via online stores like Amazon, iTunes or Bandcamp. A new edition is now being released, with a new packaging and lyrics included > online store

The year starts with the announcement of new tour dates. On agenda, some concerts in Portugal. In April, the tour visits The Netherlands and Belgium. > see dates
You can download “Our Last Spring?” single, courtesy of Noisetrade > download

‘SpiritWalking’ is available through dutch label Mass Market Recordings.
Meanwhile, new videos to watch: ‘A Desperate Call From London’ live in Belgium (edited by Mário Negrão) and ZenWind + Ronca Beach, recorded for Videoteca Bodyspace (directed by Rafael Lino). >see videos
New tour dates for Portugal. > read more

‘SpiritWalking’ is out there. Enjoy!
New tour dates announced. > read more

The new full-length album, titled  ‘SpiritWalking’ , will be released next May – digital and physical limited edition, meanwhile available at the online store [see store]. For now, you can download a presentation EP here at the website.
Also, new tour dates confirmed to Belgium and Portugal. > read more

Two songs from the album Visions Of Solitary Branches are the soundtrack of ‘Buscando’, a short feature directed by José Mejuto (Galicia, Spain). The Partisan Seed’s music is also in Belgium, serving the beautiful photography of Pascal Baetens (author the picture used as the cover of  ‘Our Last Spring?’ single).
There’s also a new music video for ‘Phoenix (One Visible Dark)’. > see video

The Partisan Seed made the last show of the year at the Hard Club, with Akron/Family. In the first trimester of 2012, there will be some news regarding a full-lenght studio album and tour dates.

Upcoming shows: new tour dates for Portugal and Spain. > read more

There’s a new video for the “Our Last Spring?” song. > see video
Galeria Soledade Malvar will feature a Filipe Miranda painting exhibition. In the opening, May 14, a free entrance showcase of The Partisan Seed. > more info
The Partisan Seed participated in the Enfarte Zine compilation. > free download

A new single titled “Our Last Spring?” is available for free download. The cover photo’s author is  Belgian photographer Pascal Baetens. Soon, we’ll have more news about the release date and label for the third full-length album. > download single

It’s available for pre-order the portuguese print-on-demand edition of  ‘The Partisan Seed – Songbook’. It includes poetry and guitar chords of songs recorded between 2006 and 2008. Published by Sment > see more

You can now download the following albums from The Partisan Seed: “Visions Of Solitary Branches” (2006) and “Indian Summer (2008) >
Also available a video filmed by Filipe Miranda during the Working Hands tour, small fragments captured with a digital photo camera. The song is ‘Portuguese Migration Song’, from the album ‘Indian Summer’ > watch video

Release of ‘Clay For The Working Hands’. This is a reissue in an unconventional format. It consists in a special limited edition CD/MP3, with both previous albums from The Partisan Seed released by Transporte: “Visions Of Solitary Branches” (2006) and “Indian Summer (2008). There is also an EP as bonus: a live studio of Filipe Miranda solo for Ciclo Voz e Guitarra (2009) radio Antena 3 with three live versions and a previously unreleased track.
The work, officially published on May 1 by Honeysound has Sment design, photography by Ronaldo Fonseca and distribution by Compact Record.

Both The Partisan Seed albums will be reissued next May in a limited edition format titled ‘Clay for the Working Hands’. This work will also include live and unreleased versions. Meanwhile, ‘Ofelia (again)’ is one of the songs included in the Portugal Rebelde compilation to be out soon.
A small portuguese tour will start in April (see more at the ‘tour’ item).

The ‘Judy (somewhere)’ EP is now available for free download here at the new download section.

The concert that should take place at Teatro de Vila Real had to be cancelled, due to a force majeure. Meanwhile, a new date will be negotiated and announced here.

Filipe Miranda was interviewed by Manuel Melo from ‘Sinfonias de Aço’, an independent radio show. Broadcasted last September 26, the interview is now on an audio file available online > more at

The Partisan Seed is back to Casa da Juventude of Esposende for a concert. Filipe Miranda will play with two musicians that usually collaborate live: Nuno Fernandes (guitar, mandolin) and Pedro Oliveira (percussions). On what may probably be the last concert of this year, TPS will focus on the songs from the most recent album ‘Indian Summer’.

The Partisan Seed is going to play in Galiza (Spain) for the second time, on a two days mini-tour. In the first day, the return to Contrabajo as a guest in the club’s third year anniversary.

Filipe Miranda was invited by Portuguese public radio Antena 3 to participate in the ‘Voz e Guitarra’ musical cycle. The recording session, made in one take, includes three songs from both albums (‘Lee, 1997’, ‘Ditch’ and ‘Song for a beautiful mass’), a previously unreleased song titled ‘Black ship in the sand’ and a Death In June cover. The entire cycle will be broadcasted in April 6-9. > more at Antena 3

Both showcases in February 14 at Fnac stores had to be cancelled due to sudden illness. Meanwhile, new dates at this venues were added to the ‘Indian Summer’ presentation tour.

‘Indian Summer’ is the highlight of the week (CD RUM, 5 to 9) at Rádio Universitária do Minho. Each day is played a different song of the album, commented by Filipe Miranda. >

Filipe Miranda made an appearance at the Rádio Universidade de Coimbra. Filipe was interviewed by Nuno Ávila, one of ‘Santos da Casa’ radio show authors. You can listen to two songs played live: ‘Write The Blood On Your Skin’ and ‘Portuguese Migration Song’.

‘Indian Summer’ was finally released and it will be available in every Portuguese stores, a Compact Records distribution. The album is also available to order online (worldwide).

After the release of ‘Visions Of Solitary Branches’ in 2006, The Partisan Seed will return with a second album called ‘Indian Summer’. A collection of ten songs, with a more lo-fi feeling. The album will be released at Theatro Circo (Braga), entity supporting the label Transporte de Animais Vivos. After ‘Judy (somewhere)’, the second selected single is ‘Ofelia (again)’, available in October at Myspace.

A The Partisan Seed’s musical theme – originally named as ‘Mediterraneo II’ – is the soundtrack for the promotional DVD of the Association for Integrated Rural Development of Minho’s Valley.
This month forward, all press members / DJ’s can obtain a The Partisan Seed live recording. It’s a 2007 official bootleg, recorded by Álvaro Ramos, in one of Grande Porto Fnac showcases. One can hear guitars being tuned, a couple of lyric’s mistakes, a lot of improvisation and everything else that happens in a concert.

The recording sessions for The Partisan Seed’s next full length album will take place at the private C-House studio between June and July. The album will be released in the end of 2008.

Release of ‘Judy (somewhere) ‘ EP. A special limited signature edition, presented live in an intimate concert at the Casa da Juventude of Esposende, Feb.15.

A compilation called ‘#001’ was released last December (TOG Music, limited edition). The Partisan Seed recorded ‘Unageing Games’, a Shahryar Mazgani’s song. Other featured artists: Nuno Fernandes, Walter Benjamin, Mazgani, Electric Willow and A Milieu (this musicians recorded versions of each other songs). The album is available at > t.o.g. music

Filipe Miranda has participated in the ‘Conta-me Histórias’ cultural cycle at the Casa da Cultura of Paredes, a kind of conference plus concert where he talked about his work as a composer. Other invited artists: Sérgio Godinho, JP Simões, Francisco Silva (Old Jerusalem), Pedro Khima and Mafalda Veiga. The Partisan Seed’s date was October 26.