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Reviews “SpiritWalking”

“(…) Freedom, intimacy and melancholy of songs.”

“(…) A complexity of raw, naked feelings on a clean, light and simple sound.” – by Liliana Pinho

“Parts of a path that has been placing Filipe Miranda as a songwriter to follow at each step (…) As always, a piece of work made of profound intimacy and confession.” A.G. / “Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, tells us stories of  disappointment, wounds, impressions and reminiscences of a past childhood. SpiritWalking is a hymn to reflection, awareness, serenity and mostly to life.” – by Alexandra João Martins

‘Podia Netherlands’
The Partisan Seed is the alter ego of Portuguese singer/songwriter Filipe Miranda, who surprised me earlier with his album “Indian Summer” from 2008, with the beautiful songs “Ditch” and “Portuguese Migration Song”. (…) “SpiritWalking” goes where the previous album left off. The Partisan Seed drinks from the source of (mostly British) acoustic indie pop, but combines that with strong use of texts, sometimes the level of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. (…) “SpiritWalking” offers a desolate, very limited, sometimes deceptively simple, musical interpretation, which accommodates the warm voice of Filipe Miranda. Opener “Our Last Spring?” sets the tone for the album, with the undisputed highlights “The First Rays of Light” and “Morning Star”.

‘Radio Universidade de Coimbra’
“(…) Since the Kafka period, he has been proving to be an author of refined credits. In this new album he gives us nine songs, highest quality. Simple songs with focused arrangements, showing their acoustic nature (…) an atmosphere that creates such an intimacy with the listener that it gets hard to escape from this enchantment. And our spirit keeps on wandering, through yellow corn fields. Landscapes iluminated by a round shaped moon. Let us wander…” – by Nuno Ávila

‘Foro – Spain’
“In this “SpiritWalking” Miranda returns with a collection of songs of extreme good taste, with a simple structure and delicate arrangements, which make your hearing an extremely pleasant experience. Also, there’s a form of singing that is almost hypnotic, which is one of his most distinctive features. It’s an album to sip slowly and, if possible, paying attention to the words.” – ND

“SpiritWalking closes a cycle in Filipe Miranda’s solo project. With no chains or signs of haste, Filipe takes the time to make his work – not just in art, but of all that is life – timeless. Using the word “beautiful” to describe what happened with ‘Visions Of Solitary Branches’ or ‘Indian Summer’, after so many listenings will be little consensus. And the same will happen in the very first time listening to ‘SpiritWalking’. (…) The current that comes from within tells us that we should embrace as if it were the last time.” – by Ilídio Marques

‘Jornal de Barcelos’
“It’s dificult not to surrender to the beauty of the melodies carved by Filipe Miranda (…) Like a passport to infinite happiness through music.” – by Pedro Luís Silva

“An album of songs, refined indie-folk with accurate arrangements, from one of the most talented portuguese songwriters.”

“A great voice, great songs and once again a great album (…) Filipe Miranda, glorious and inspired.”

“The longevity of Filipe Miranda’s presence in Portuguese music has only one explanation: his quality as a singer-songwriter. Summer passions hardly find a more beautiful place than the landscapes inside SpiritWalking.”